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Nestle company jobs open in Canada. Nestlé is the largest food production organization in the world in terms of revenue generation. It is one of the 100 best Fortune 500 companies in the world that have their reality in every continent. Nestlé began operations in Canada in 1918. Some of the most popular chocolate brands in Canada are Nestlé products, such as Kit-Kat, Coffee Crisp, Smarties and Aero; followed by some major brands of coffee and drinks, ice cream and frozen desserts.

At present, after more than a thousand years of efficient business activity, they have more than 3,500 representatives in more than 20 assemblies, sales and distribution units in the country. So today, in this article, we will talk about job opportunities offered by the organization. We will also discuss the salaries and additional benefits they offer to their representatives.

Job Vacancies

Nestlé is an international organization and pursues a rigorous convention. There are different divisions where you can find a new line of openings. In this sense, we have a question of primary importance, we should think of the divisions where you can look for a vocation.

  • Retail: from the coffee ambassador to the inventory specialist; The retail unit manages each of the items available at the points of sale. In this spirit, we have the chance to think of you with the use of this space, do not hesitate to apply.
  • Sales: The sales unit is apparently the most basic division of any organization. The equivalent also applies to Nestlé. There are great opportunities for you, for example, B2B Marketing Manager, National Account Manager, and many others.
  • Marketing: Nestlé is one of the best organizations on the planet
  • to promote its articles. They are able to work with new presentation methodologies with the help that allows them to advance their business.
  • Finance: Account management is one of the most challenging jobs in an organization of this magnitude. Nevertheless, we are fortunate to be able to work with the analyst or analyst of O2C client solutions.
  • Administration: There are many jobs in the organization. Some of the important positions are agents, human resources and managing partners. They fill holes and often appear as an extension between various divisions. There are nevertheless some articles that you can apply.
  • Logistics: Unit of coordination of transport units secure items of their assembly units at points of sale. There are vital openings for the work that you can grab.


Go to the Nespresso brand in our shop. He/she is the fundamental and privileged point of contact with the client with whom he is in direct contact.

Main responsibilities:

  • Functions of the representative in shares:
  • Get stock;
  • Confirm the accuracy of future shipments;
  • Stock pivot guarantee following the FIFO idea;
  • Gives excellent customer service


  • Involvement in comparative work;
  • Be enjoyable at a fast pace and in group conditions;
  • Be adaptable, independent, accessible, open to change and adaptable;
  • Well-being and security arranged;
  • Great enthusiasm for our product and espresso in particular
  • Bilingual (French and English)
  • It would be ideal if you will be satisfied with this subject.

Please note that only those candidates selected will be invited for an interview.

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Apply Method

  • Please, Upload the cv has recently written
  • Photocopy of Academic Qualification documents
  • Please, Upload the PP size photos recently has taken
    Only, Th company will call the interview those who are selected.

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