Canada working visa

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Canada working visa

Canada is an open country. They accept 300,000 workers from abroad every single year. So if you want to work in Canada, their door is open. Of course, you must present the relevant documentation. The country won’t let you through its borders simply because you have the skills they want. You need to present a Canada working visa. This document will give you the authorization to work in the country.

But the process of securing a Canada Working visa is tedious and it typically involves the following:

1). Depending on the route you choose to take, immigration officials might expect you to first present a job offer from Canada before they can give you a visa. For an employer in Canada to offer a foreign worker a job, they must apply for a Labor Market Impact Assessment. This is a system that looks at an employment position and determines whether or not a suitable Canadian citizen would lose out if a foreign worker was hired to fill it.

The assessment must provide a neutral or positive answer before the employer is given the green light to hire a foreign worker. There are situations that do not require an LMIA. For instance, people who apply for a Canada working visa through the programs provided by the NAFTA agreement do not require this assessment.

The same applies to immigrants whose skills will drastically impact the country for the better, not to mention anyone that is coming to Canada for religious or charitable purposes. If an employer’s LMIA application is denied, they will be prohibited from offering you the job in question.

2). If the employer’s LMIA application is approved, they can go ahead and send you documentation that includes the LMIA approval letter and the job offer. The job offer must specify the role you will play and the organization that will employ you.

3). Once you have a job offer, one that has passed the Labor Market Impact Assessment, you can apply for a Canada working permit. The IRCC is charged with receiving such applications. You can either apply online or through the mail depending on what you prefer.

4). If everything goes accordingly to plan, if immigration officials review and approve your application, the country will award you a working permit. You can get it at the border when you arrive in Canada. The duration that the visa allows you to spend in the country will vary. Some are only good for a few days. Others are valid for years

The level of complexity you encounter will depend on the type of work permit you want. Some Canada working visas are fixed. You can only use them to work for a specific employer. Once you are terminated, you must go home unless the immigration office intervenes.

Other visas are not as restrictive. You can use them to work for any employer that suits you. These are preferable for most people because they provide more freedom for one to explore their prospects.

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