Call center staff wanted in Japan

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Job Type

Full Time

Description :

Call center staff wanted in Japan

Set of work Responsibilities

You will be responsible for the accompanying activities during the conference call organized by the organization.

Experience:                            Less than 1 year
Gender Required:               Both can apply
Qualification:                        High school+ any level
Trial Period:                          3 months
Salary:                                      240,000Yen~440,000Yen
Number Of Employees:     20
Industry:                                  Internet & Gaming
Working Hour:                    09:00~19:00

Activity Description

  • Call Center Operations

We take care of things like general computers, servers, workstations, small computers, signaling devices, etc., as well as computer-related hardware and elements of other organizations. Backup depends on phone calls and can enhance the visit.

*The reaction of the company and the reaction of the ordinary customer will occur, however, in the current situation, the content of the company is gradually satisfied. The company will judge the condition of the computer hardware of the substance of the application and will give instructions to improve the customer’s situation.

  • Outsourcing Business

We will make an agreement with different organizations. The focus on gear related to personal computers; based on the content of the agreement, there may be cases other than personal computers. As the reaction fluctuates in the temporary worker, it is important to be able in each of them.

* Working hours are mainly displaced by 3 examples.

* We work on Saturdays, Sundays and special occasions at [9-18] [12-21] [13-22].

Treatment Conditions / Sales Bonus

  • Move the frame (09: 00-22: 00 8 am in the middle)
  • every year (April, May 10)
  • Driving allowance (up to 30,000 yen per month, private vehicle, driving off the bike is determined independently)
  • Monetary Rewards: Twice a Year
  • Monthly pay: 240,000 to 275,000 yen (daily compensation framework), base salary from 196,626 to 225,301 yen
  • Fixed overtime allowance of 43,374 yen (annual salary of 2.88 million yen) ~ 49,699 yen (when the annual salary is 3.3 million yen)

* Monthly salary includes only 30 hours per month and includes overtime.

Our Family Job

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  1. Different social protection
  2. Retirement Framework (Ghost Retreat Framework)
  3. Benefits Framework for Characterized Commitments (401k)
  4. Help with the cost of food (Eden Red Japan 65% self-pay food ticket)
  5. Retirement age 65 (return to work framework) Yes)
  6. Representative markdown framework (electronic items)
  7. Help at the end of the year / new year party (5,000 yen/person),
  8. Annual health check, inoculation of influenza

Selection Process
Document selection

2 interviews

* The number of selections and content may change.


Annual holidays: 110 days
2 days a week (shift system), summer holidays, winter holidays

Apply Method

  • Please, Upload the cv has recently written
  • Photocopy of Academic Qualification documents
  • Please, Upload the PP size photos recently has taken

Only, Th company will call the interview those who are selected.

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